Owner occupied or investment property purchases, re-financing existing residential or investment or business loans.(Available on all Loans excluding Construction Loans)

Loan Size

From $30,000 to $750,000 per security property


Up to 30 Years


Principal and Interest or Interest Only for 2,3,5 or 10 years and Line of Credit 15 years


Weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Extra repayments can be made on variable loans at any time

Convert To Fixed Rate

All or part of the loan can be converted to a fixed rate at any time at no cost (subject to maximum of 4 a/c)

Split Loan Facility

Up to 4 separate splits per facility. Transfer funds between splits using Inter Account Payment facility

Re-Draw Facility

Unlimited re-draw at no cost. Minimum re-draw $50 when using Loan Service Line or Loan Service Net for all variable rate loans

Pay Anyone

Payment can be made to any bank, building society or credit union directly from your loan using a valid BSB and account number (excludes credit cards). Max $5000 per day. Not available during a fixed rate period

Maximum LVR
  • 97% for owner occupied loans up to $300,000 (conditions apply)
  • 95% for owner occupied loans up to $500,000 (conditions apply)
  • 95% for investment loans up to $300,000 (conditions apply)
  • 90% for all loans up to $600,000 (conditions apply)s
  • 85% for all loans up to $750,000
Settlement Fee

$250 payable on settlement.

Annual Fee

$300 annual fee paid in arrears on the first anniversary of settlement and every anniversary thereafter.

Conversion Fee

$350 charged if loan is converted to another eligible loan type.

Application Fee

$395 (includes GST)

Deferred Admin Fee(DAF)

A DAF is payable based on the initial loan principal if the loan is fully discharged. This is scaled as follows:£ $500,000 – 0.80% 1st 4yrs, if > $500,000 – 1.00% 1st 5yrsIf 1.4% upfront requested 1.20% 1st 5 yrs regardless of loan amount.

Security Discharge
Administration Fee(SDAF)

$350 is payable on full discharge of the loan

Government & Bank Charges

For example, mortgage duty, registration fees and property searches

Legal fees & disbursements

Client will pay costs associated with their own legal fees and disbursements

Other Conditions
  • All repayments to be made by electronic direct debit or direct salary credit
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance is required for all loans. Premium is payable by the borrower if the amount borrowed is greater than 80% of the value of the property (conditions apply)
  • Break costs will apply to fixed rate loans if fixed rate period is being broken
  • 1st registered mortgage over residential property required as security on all loans

This fact sheet provides general information only – Full details of the loan are set our in the loan agreement – Conditions, fees & charges apply.