Loan Purpose

The purchase or refinance of a loan with first ranking security over an owner occupied residential existing dwelling. Funds may be advanced for approved investment or private purposes.


Applications may be received from individuals, companies and trusts in line with credit criteria.

Maximum Amount

$500,000 ($750,000 in Sydney metro area)

Minimum Amount



95% LVR Metro areas 90% LVR Approved Regional areas

Loan Term

30 years (default). Also available 15, 20 and 25 year terms

Interest Rate Options

Variable (fixed rate options may be made available in the future)

Interest Calculation

Interest is calculated on the daily closing outstanding balance and debited monthly in arrears, on the monthly anniversary of settlement

Sub Loans

One loan may be split into four separate sub loans. There will be no additional fees charged for establishing multiple sub loans (however, a loan switching fee may apply)


Six monthly, except where the UCCC requires otherwise

Repayment Type

Principal and interest, OR Interest only for initial 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, then principal and interest for the remainder of the loan.

Additional Repayments

Additional repayments are permitted at any time on variable rate loans


$6 monthly administration fee

Establishment Fee

$350 which is payable to Möbius & deducted from settlement proceeds

Application Fee

To be set by Originator, (maximum $550 plus GST) to include valuation & solicitor fees

Deferred Establishment Fee

Within 1 year – 3%, Between 1 and 3 years – 2.5%, Between 3 and 5 years – 2%, Over 5 years – Nil.


Minimum $2000, no fee to redraw, manual process at this stage

Lenders Mortgage Insurance(LMI)

All loans will require the borrower to pay an LMI premium. The amount of the premium will be advised at the time of application.

Credit Restrictions

All applicants to the loan must have an unblemished credit history over the last five years as evidenced by a Baycorp Advantage Credit report.

Thisfact sheet provides general information only – Full details of the loan are set our in the loan agreement – Conditions, fees & charges apply.