Family Law Experts Sydney CBD

When you are facing the prospect of lengthy and complicated family law proceedings, you need legal experts who can help you save time and financial resources, as well as help you avoid unnecessary emotional duress. Our capable divorce lawyers in Sydney CBD or custody lawyers in Sydney CBD can guide and assist you in evaluating your divorce, child custody, and property settlement options, as well as in facilitating your agreements with the other party.

Common family law matters that our Sydney CBD family lawyers can assist with:

  • Divorce Layer
  • Property Disputes Layer
  • Settlements Lawyer
  • Custody Lawyer

The Benefits Of Using A Family Lawyer in Sydney CBD

The decisions you make about your family disputes today will affect you for the rest of your life. When it comes to matters such as divorce and other family disputes, everyone has their opinion. Unfortunately, it’s rare that those opinions make a positive and proactive contribution to resolving the matter. As such, you need a skilled family lawyer in Sydney CBD to help you secure your rights.

As family lawyers in Sydney CBD, we’re able to employ certain skills to fight your case. They include:

  • Preparing you for mediation and roundtable conferences
  • Referring you to appropriate mediators and counsellors
  • Creating custody arrangements that benefit everyone
  • A fair evaluation and distribution of matrimonial assets
  • Balance pre-nuptial and separation agreements before marriage
  • Assessing property entitlements among family members
  • Relationship agreements for cohabiting and same-sex couples

A Sympathetic And Discreet Service

It’s often the case that family legal matters warrant the utmost discretion and sympathy. At Maatouks Law Group, this is something we deliver with every case. When you use our family lawyers in Sydney CBD, you benefit from a non-judgemental and highly skilled team.

Sydney CBD’s Family Lawyer Experts

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