Lawyer in Parramatta - Maatouks ConveyancerNot only do we specialise in many fields of law, but we also have some of the best lawyers in Parramatta in our versatile and expansive pool of experts in New South Wales.

All of the cases we handle are diligently and thoroughly investigated and prepared for to ensure a positive outcome for each one of them. If you’re looking for the services of any of the legal professionals listed below, you can’t go wrong by choosing our firm.

Conveyancer in Parramatta

Do you need a property conveyancer in Parramatta? If you do, you should know that the Maatouks Law Group has some of the best conveyancing solicitors and conveyancing lawyers in its payroll. Each one of them is ready to provide you the legal assistance you need when it comes to property conveyancing in Parramatta.

Selling and buying property may seem simple, but in reality, it can be quite complicated, especially when you’re dealing with legal compliance issues. Save yourself the headache by hiring a Parramatta conveyancer from our firm.

Family Lawyer in Parramatta

Whether you’re dealing with a messy divorce or a distressing child custody battle, there’s a good chance you’re under a lot of stress and want things to be over with as quickly as possible. To facilitate your case and maximise the chances of a positive outcome, you need experienced and competent legal support.

Contact us now, and we’ll set you up with the legal assistance you need, be it from a divorce lawyer in Parramatta to help you with your separation or a custody lawyer in Parramatta to ensure that you can still be a part of your kids’ lives even after your divorce.

Criminal Lawyer in Parramatta

Criminal law is one of our specialities, with our team of lawyers being competent and knowledgeable on all the ins and outs of the Australian criminal justice system. If you’ve found yourself suddenly in need of a criminal defence lawyer in Parramatta, then ensure the most favourable result for your case by choosing us to represent you in court. No matter what crime you’re being accused of, however minor or major the charge is, our team of Parramatta criminal lawyers is ready to help fight for you.

Traffic Lawyer in Parramatta

It’s really easy to get a traffic law violation nowadays, especially if your occupation involves driving. This is why the Maatouks Law Group has invested heavily in developing a competent and experienced team of traffic law experts to help our clients deal with their cases.

If you’re in need of a DUI lawyer in Parramatta, a speeding fine lawyer in Parramatta, or a road fine lawyer in Parramatta, call us today and get the legal defence you deserve. Your day in court doesn’t need to end in tears just because you were behind the wheel.

Insurance Lawyer in Parramatta

If your insurance provider is refusing to cover a particular expense or charge that you know full well they should be covering, then you need to escalate things by getting competent legal assistance. Our team of insurance dispute lawyers in Parramatta and insurance settlement lawyers in Parramatta are more than experienced in getting these recalcitrant insurance companies to straighten themselves out.

All it takes to resolve your issues with your insurance provider is a call to our office. With our expertise in insurance settlement law on your side, your troubles with your insurance provider will soon be a thing of the past.

Corporate Lawyer in Parramatta

Corporate law can be very complicated to deal with, especially if you’re a business owner who has no prior experience with the legal system. Neglecting corporate law can potentially land you in legal trouble.

To prevent this, reach out to us, and we’ll set you up with our team of corporate lawyers in Parramatta. With nearly two decades’ worth of experience, our corporate lawyers are more than capable of handling any issue with corporate law that you may have.

Property Lawyer in Parramatta

Looking for a property or leasing lawyer in Parramatta? If so, our team of dedicated Parramatta property lawyers are ready and waiting to assist you. By choosing us to handle your property law issues, you can make sure that every purchase, sale, or lease of property that you involve yourself in is legitimate and recognised by the law.

Wills and Estates Lawyer in Parramatta

No one can really know when an unforeseen accident or health crisis can strike, so it’s never too early to make plans for the estate to be left behind for your loved ones. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you plan for the future of your estate and assets. Our team of will lawyers in Parramatta and estate planning lawyers in Parramatta is only a phone call away.

To learn more about our services, call us at 02 9601 7222. You can also schedule an appointment with our legal professionals so we can tailor our services exactly according to your needs.

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