Looking for South Western Sydney conveyancing? We’ve been serving Liverpool, Macarthur, Narellan, Penrith and surrounding area residents and businesses for almost 30 years.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to placing our clients first.

You can be at peace knowing we have your interests at heart as we provide transparent, fixed fees as well as full service, independent advisory.

Why do our clients keep choosing us as their preferred Liverpool, Penrith and Macarthur conveyancers:

  • Local area experts: our strong familiarity with the Liverpool market and South Western and Macarthur suburbs which includes Narellan and Penrith will help you avoid costly errors
  • Almost 30 years of legal experience
  • Complete transparency
  • Fixed fees in writing, no hidden costs
  • Your interests are our priority
  • Exceptional team dedicated to you
  • Free, cutting edge online platform that guides you through (and lets you monitor) the entire conveyancing process
  • We’re licensed and fully insured

Why is conveyancing important?

Conveyancing is complex and fragmented by nature, the transfer of a property can lead to disastrous consequences if not done correctly. An error in paperwork or inaccurate, careless conveyancing could result in the loss of your deposit, or worse yet, your property all together as well as legal costs and damages on top.

Our well experienced team knows the ins and outs of property law. Our repeat clientele and focus on integrity allows us to approach your conveyancing with accuracy, transparency and incomparable professionalism.

There are numerous factors involved with property transactions. Our main role is to help you make your transaction a legal reality.


  • Provide legal advice and support
  • Represent you in negotiations
  • Review your contract
  • Lodge your legal documentation
  • Lodge rates, tax and council certificates
  • Provide necessary searches for your property
  • Draw up your contract of sale (if selling)
  • Manage and help actualise the title transfer

We also have our own platform Transactor – this tool will help you visualise the entire conveyancing process so you can track the progress live 24/7.

Sydney Conveyancing

The conveyancing process in Sydney, New South Wales, differs from other Australian states. As a Sydney conveyancing firm, we understand the intricacies of New South Wales property law and how it can apply to Liverpool residents.

Our offices are located right in the hearts of Liverpool, Narellan and Penrith. As such, whether you’re a local resident, business owner or outside investor looking to buy or sell real estate in these areas and surrounds, you can use our local expertise to your advantage.

Services in detail

We provide legal support for a range of circumstances and needs. This includes:

  • Buying and selling residential properties, including land
  • Buying and selling commercial properties, including land
  • Property transfers (such as transferring properties to business partners, spouses and relatives)
  • General conveyancing
  • Wills and estates
  • Power of attorney
  • Property refinancing
  • Insurance
  • Residential and commercial leasing
  • Business law
  • Franchising
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Farming development
  • Purchasing off-the-plan properties
  • Mortgage guarantors
  • Property subdivisions
  • Subdivision lodgements

Transparency and convenience

As mentioned above, your needs are our priority. Unlike other conveyancers, we like to make our processes as transparent as possible. Our clients will have access to Transactor: a revolutionary app that enables users to track their entire property journey, live, 24/7.

Transactor also enables our clients to communicate and collaborate with all other suppliers needed to complete their transactions, such as agents, building and pest inspectors and more – all in one dashboard.

Because contracts are crucial to the conveyancing process, Transactor uses patented technology to automatically extract all the terms and conditions of a contract and convert it into scheduled timelines and to-do lists that can sync with your calendar

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