How can Maatouks Law Group help you?

  • We provide targeted, specialist legal advice & assistance to address your legal problems
  • Everything you tell us is Confidential and protected by Legal Professional Privilege
  • We are experts in Dispute Resolution
  • We try to avoid unnecessary litigation
  • Specialist Litigation Lawyers
  • Experts in Complex Litigation
  • We are not interested in wasting anyone’s time or money and if we consider that your matter lacks merit we will tell you so.

Legal Costs

Legal fees are an investment, used to protect your business, assets and your future.

In some cases you may be able to recover the majority of legal fees paid from the other party where your claim is found to have merit.

All of our fees and costs are set out in our costs agreement for you or in any subsequent fee variation where the scope and difficulty of the work has changed.

What are your chances of success and do you have a case?

We will tell you exactly what we think your chances of winning are. We will tell you when your case lacks merit and why you will lose. We are not interested in wasting your time or money or our own.

If you are being sued, we will do everything possible to protect your legal interests and to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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