Driving Infringement Lawyer Sydney CBD

Many people think of traffic violations within the scope of minor infringements, but one can also be charged with serious traffic offences in New South Wales. These include, among many others, dangerous driving, occasioning death or bodily harm due to negligent driving, and failing to stop and render assistance.

Traffic Offence Lawyer Sydney CBD

Our Sydney CBD lawyers have extensive experience dealing with cases such as these, having provided specialist representation to numerous clients. You, too, can be sure to be afforded the same kind of assistance. Our DUI lawyers in Sydney CBD, speeding fine lawyers in Sydney CBD, and road fine lawyers in Sydney CBD are also available to help with less serious traffic offences.

Common Traffic Offences

  • Dangerous Driving
  • Drink Driving/PCA Offences
  • Drive While License Suspended/Cancelled/Disqualified
  • Negligent Driving
  • Police Persuits
  • Speed Camera Offences
  • Speeding Offences

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Hiring a traffic offence lawyer in Sydney CBD is the best way to minimise your risk of severe consequences. As legal professionals, we can interpret the law and make sure that those prosecuting you are acting within it. In our experience, our clients find it helpful to know more about the ways we can assist them. As such, we’ll detail some of the common defences for traffic offences:

Driving under the influence of drink or drugs

If this is your first offence or you haven’t been convicted of one for many years, you may be able to avoid license suspension. Our team will obtain good character references that endear you to the judge.

Driving while suspended

Driving while suspended can come with a hefty fine. However, if you weren’t aware that you were suspended, you may not face prosecution. This often happens when someone has changed addresses at the point that the RMS issues a letter to them.

Dangerous driving

Being accused of dangerous driving is a particularly worrying offence, as it comes with a minimum penalty of three years’ license suspension. As a strict liability offence, intent isn’t a reasonable defence. However, our team can help you focus on other areas of your case and minimise your risk of a jail term.

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