When you are facing the potential of separation from your partner, it can be a particularly difficult time. Any psychologist would agree that separation is one of the major life events that anyone can go through, and you need all the help you can get when you are going through it yourself.

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One major kind of help you might be on the lookout for is from a legal perspective. When separating, you need to have someone on your side to ensure that the whole process happens fairly and honestly and that you end up in a position you are going to be happy with. That’s why you often need to hire legal separation lawyers Sydney to guide you through this process. 

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What Is Separation?

From a legal perspective and in terms of family law, separation is distinct from divorce. In a separation, you and your partner will often sign a separation agreement between the two of you. This agreement will stipulate on the financial arrangements to be made between you, as well as matters concerning child custody and property management, and is a document that is known as Consent Orders and is approved by the court.

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Ultimately,  if the court does not approve the Consent Orders for any reason, the parties can decide to enter a Binding Financial Agreement. This is signed by the parties in front of their lawyers and has the same affect as Consent Orders. 

How Can A Separation Lawyer Sydney Help  

We can assist you with every aspect of separation and divorce, including ta Binding Financial agreement, a divorce procedure, a range of separation matters, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance and property settlement and Consent Orders. With our help, you are going to have lawyers on your side who really care about your case.

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If you think you might be in need of some help, we can give you the service you need. As a family lawyer who used to work with people and families in all kinds of situations, we are more than happy to help you out.

When it comes to the custody of your child, whom they are going to live with, what financial arrangements you and your spouse will have, we can assist with all of that – and we do so with a lot of experience behind us and only the highest quality service every time.


Should I Get A Lawyer For A Separation?

If you and your partner are planning a separation and you want to make the process easier, then you should hire a lawyer to help you out. Likewise, if you want your separation agreement to hold up in court, having the right lawyers by your side can help when you present it to the court. As a citizen, having a lawyer is always useful in these circumstances.

Why Would You Get A Legal Separation Instead Of A Divorce?

A divorce is a much more final thing, whereas with a legal separation you can still always go back to one another, should that become viable. One of the most common experiences in family law is when a separation needs to take place but then becomes reversed. As long as you both agree, that can be possible, whereas a divorce is a final Court Order.

What Is The Point Of A Separation Agreement?

In family law, a separation agreement can be very useful when there is a delay between separation and divorce, as it provides a degree of certainty that you are not otherwise going to have. It helps in ensuring a de facto relationship is maintained in the right that is required. It can help to keep you and your spouse on the same page during the separation.

What Should You Not Do During Separation?

You should avoid going against anything that is stipulated in the separation agreement, as that is going to be a breach of that agreement and could land you in trouble. Generally, the legal advice would be to make sure the separation agreement has a good parenting plan, good plans for the children and that couples are able to know what is expected of them from it.

Can I Draft My Own Separation Agreement?

When it comes to legal documents like a separation agreement, including parenting arrangement, child support payments and even stamp duty costs, it is in everyone’s best interests if the agreements are written by an official legal representative who specialises in family law. Only good lawyers can ensure that it is as it should be, and that it is going to be sufficient for validation purposes.


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